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[SASSY] We Check Out essensuals: The Newest Hair Salon by TONI&GUY

Featured in Sassy.

There’s nothing like that feeling of waltzing out of a salon, with your hair freshly cut, styled and coloured, feeling like a million bucks(without spending it). If you know what you’re after, it can be tricky to find a trusted stylist, who understands your hair type and gets your desired outcome. We’ve tried and tested local barbers and branded names alike, but we were all thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the staff at essensuals by TONI&GUY.

The modern salon is located right in Central, on On Lan Street, split into two floors, offering an open and airy space with an option of two VIP private rooms for a bit of exclusivity. essensuals is a London-based renowned hairdressing brand that benefits from TONI&GUY’s cutting edge training system, but takes it up a notch by offering more attainable and playful  looks. The stylists here are versed in a whole variety of style needs, from edgy street fashion, relaxed beach waves to glam black tie updos.

Check out our reviews below:

Name & Title:Tania Shroff, Editor

Old look:Long, overgrown and heavily wavy hair, lacking much shape or energy.

New look: Stylised bob with deep brown balayage all over for a natural, textured look.

My stylist was…Helpful, honest and patient. I had intentionally grown my hair out to donate it, but chopping off 12 inches is always easier when you have a trusted stylist!

My favourite part was…That final snip. As I was donating my hair, my stylist sorted it into neat braids, fashioned with a tie and gave me a reassuring nod before cutting the majority of my hair off. I’ve donated my hair a couple of times now, and the liberating feeling is always a welcome experience.

In an Emoji:🙌

Team verdict:The essensuals team nailed Tania’s new look with the bob cut perfectly to frame her face and suit her wavy hair.  The stylists went for a modern on-trend cut, that still appears easy to manage and effortless – the ideal combination.

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